Assignment #5

Annie Miller February 18, 2017

Hi Futurists,

 After the last assignment, I've been thinking more and I realized that I really do need to develop a more systematic way of working. At the moment, I am quite over-committed at work relative to the work flow method - or non-method - I currently employ. The discussion was useful in making me think about changing how I do things, rather than just being overwhelmed by what I've got to do. Now I just have to find something that works for me. All reasonable suggestions will be considered.

In any event, I've been catching up on a bunch of things today.

This is what I posted on the larger group site. 


Activities that honor and use middle grades students’ desire for adventure and camaraderie. 

High engagement electives that provide avenues for short-term success and positively recognize asymmetrical skills levels. 

Plan activities with these in mind. 



Similar schools serving similar student populations had different percentages of students with off- and on-track indicators. 

What are the schools in my area doing well that the library can reinforce?

Strengthening the family-student-teacher support triangle.

How can the library become part of this system?



Provide time, training, and support to teachers for implementing early warning and intervention systems.

As public librarians, we don't have access to the information the schools have. We don't usually see kids as regularly. Our role seems to be much more informal. Maybe that's enough?

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