Activity #6

Lisa Erickson February 22, 2017

Explore Balfanz’s site and the AMLE:

Feedback -- I found this interactive map series quite interesting and it is something that could be shared during a public presentation, especially if you are within a high-absence area.  It's fascinating that the places with the highest absentee rates are often either the most rural areas or the most urban areas -- the reasons for absenteeism may be different for these populations, but it's something to consider as we work with our rural populations.   Link:

Feedback -- I found this article from AMLE (Partnering for Success, by Sandy Webb) to be particularly relevant to my community and situation.  The article discusses how middle schools can partner with universities to bring STEM (I'd want to include STEAM) to students.  We have Penn State University in our back yard, and I feel that it is an untapped resource for us.  Finding great professors (or even students) who are passionate about their fields could go a long way toward helping children find their passions/careers.  Link:

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