Activity #7 Career Cluster Rubric and Drive Around

Carol Lo February 23, 2017, 4 comments

#7   Looking at your Community through Career Cluster lens

Due March 3, 2017


First, read and print out the Career Cluster rubric. You will need this document as you start to examine your community for career and community partner opportunities with a new perspective.

Drive 'round

Your 2nd assignment this week is to take a drive around your community looking at the career opportunities, both present and future, in your area. As you look around, use the Career Cluster sheet to think about the businesses, organizations, and employers in your area. Who is in the lodging business? How about marketing or agriculture? What kinds of job skills do those businesses need?  How are they potentially changing? Notice what doesn’t exist as much as what does exist.

Feel free to use this template as you take notes on and reflect on what you see:


Career Cluster

Job Potential

Potential for Management &/or Employees

Library Opportunities












From this analysis, create a list of community partners, with contact information, with whom you are interested in building a relationship to eventually support middle school college career readiness. You will add to this list as the project progresses, but this is your starting point. This week, you create the list. Next week, you’ll start contacting these potential community partners to set up meetings to talk about creating something new to increase awareness for college and career readiness for your middle school students and their families.

Goal – In order to create new community partnerships, we all need to see our community and potential partners with new eyes.  Using the Career Cluster rubric will help you analyze your community career opportunities and potential partners from a fresh perspective.




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