February Reflection: Making Initial Contacts and Figuring Things Out

Laura Pitts February 27, 2017

This February has remained productive despite the issues that we have had regarding staffing and library building maintenance. 

I have had two interesting conversations where I have brought up the "Future Ready" Project.

The first conversation was with the public school librarians for the Scottsboro City School System. The librarians held their regular monthly meeting at the library for a "change of scenery."  Not only was I happy to welcome them to the library for their meeting, but I used the time to share with them information about the project.

Some of the things that they talked about included:

- ACT Prep Work - things that students need to know before they get to high school. 

- Soft Skills are lacking. One of the things they head from employers is how to work as a team and how to do good interviews

- Understanding the importance of attendance. How to develop an appreciation wanting to come to school. 

- What to do and what not to do on social media

- Show careers versus reality. Some students like the idea of a career but really don't have all the nuts and bolts of information. Including costs, schooling needs, ect. They felt it was important for students to really know what career really entailed before pursuing one.

- How much life in general cost. What can they know early regarding the need to make wise decisions.

The other conversation I had was with the Principal of the Junior High School and the Curriculum Director for the City Schools.

I met with them and talked to them about the project and pondered a question of CCR. 

The conversation was just brainstorming for us. However, I walked away realizing there were a lot of issues and questions I didn't know the answer to. 

Everyone kept asking me about funding, time constraints, how the project needed to be measured... just a few of those questions.

I felt a little out of water trying to figure out the answers to some of the questions. But initial conversations were made so that is a start. At least now I have an understanding of what issues the school system sees as gaps in CCR. I think my focus will be with the junior high school, as the principal seemed very in the possibility of working with those age groups. 

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