Activity #6

Renae Rountree February 28, 2017

The most intriguing information that I found on the two websites is the following two page report on food insecurity.

Maybe the reason this is on my mind is because of a recent meeting I had with a local food bank who is looking for distribution sites in my county for their summer feeding program. The data that I was presented with during my meeting was truly enlightening but depressing at the same time. I am aware of the poverty issue in my county. I am also aware of the food distribution option with the U.S.D.A. through one of our local churches, with our emergency food pantry that is also run by churches that rotate out monthly, and our school districts summer food program. However, the numbers were even more dismal than I had thought and after my meeting with the food bank representative I was truly concerned about the possibility that there are a huge number of children in my county that are starving over the summer. My goal for this summer is now to send EVERY KID under the age of 18 that comes through the door at any of my library branches during the five week summer period home with a snack or a shelf stable lunch! What is surprising to me by this article is that this is apparently not a problem limited by location and that 16 million children face this issue. Why aren't we doing more? How can we do more? Why isn't this being talked about? Or is this conversation happening but I am missing it?

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