February Reflections

Ximena Grollmus March 1, 2017, 4 comments

Hi all,

  I wrote another reflection the day before yesterday, but it is some place in the cyber space.  I hope this one shows up.  Apologies for my long silence, February has been kind of busy for my family. We have had crazy weather, a lot of viruses taking turns with one by one of us, plus we just had mid winter break.  The other think that I have to confront is my fears of writing in English for all of you, all librarians. hahaha. So I apologize for all the mistakes. Something we teach in Positive Discipline is that Mistakes are wonderful opportunities to learn, so I will be embracing and learning a lot.  Even though I have been quiet, I have been reading your posts and enjoying  the experiences you have shared.  It is fun to see how everything is "evolving" step by step. I encourage you to have the courage to be imperfect and embrace your mistakes too.

  I remember some of you were concerned because you did not know anything about trauma and attachment and its effects on children.  This is an important part of the Social Emotional learning program I teach and it is why I have been thinking about my role in this group and how to provide support for you.  I thought I can create some short webinars, no more than 30 min. with specific topics each of them.  I would need to have a group of people participating (around 4), to make them interactive.  It could be recorded so others can access to it later.  Some of the topics we could cover are trauma, attachment, a little bit of neuroscience and development, self regulation activities, effective communication tools, how to foster cooperation from teens,  emotions, etc.  You would also be able to suggest other topics you feel are challenging when relating to your middle schoolers.

I would need to know if you would be interested on participate online sometimes.  What would be a good time during the day when you could participate?  What would be a reasonable length for the webinars? 15 min. 30 min.?  

I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions so it can work out for everybody.  I know you are in the early process of the project, but I am sure that some information I can share would be useful when planning your program.

Sending hugs to everybody from Seattle


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