Ximena Grollmus Introduction

Ximena Grollmus February 6, 2017

Hello everybody,

 It took me a while to get organized with everything after coming back from my trip.  I enjoyed meeting you all and spending those two days learning together.  I felt a new world open to me about libraries and I will appreciate keep learning from all of you more about it. 

I am from the central-south part of Chile where almost all my family live.  I was a P.E. teacher there for 7 years and worked with students from all levels k-12.  I came to Seattle, just visiting my cousin. But life puts you different paths, and here I am,19 years later, married to an American, with two amazing children. 

Coming from a family of educators I have been always connected to children.  I got my M.Ed. as a School Counselor from U of Washington. I have worked in school settings,  counseling agency,  DSHS working with families involved with Child Protective Services.  Since 2008I have been involved teaching Positive Discipline as a coach and as parent educator.  I am working also in the school setting, teaching PD as a Social Emotional curriculum.  I brought PD to Chile on 2013, where I started training people as parenting educators.  In 2014 I started working with school staff to implement PD at their schools. I have seen the positive impact of this program wherever it is used.  I am passionate about it and I think helping our children developing these skills is a gift to them.  I am excited to be part of this group with all of you.  I am happy to share what I know about Social Emotional Learning and Positive Discipline tools that can help you improve your interactions with tweens and teens.  Reaching their minds is important, but I think reaching their hearts is how you really can impact their lives, connection.  I am ready to work together in this project.  I am a little nervous like many of you, but I think it will be a great experience.


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