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Carol Lo Carol Lo-Introduction
Posted by Carol Lo, 2 answers
Hi all, I'm am delighted to be working on the Future Ready with the Library project with you. I've been an elementary public school teacher, environmental educator and trainer, restaurant owner (in…

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Amanda Fack Including teens in homeschool groups...
Posted by Amanda Fack
How does your library include teens in your homeschool hangout type groups? Are there activities you've found that aren't too "babyish" for older kids?
Stacey Cole How are you getting administrator buy in to your Makerspace? What activities/equipment do high school students like the most?
Posted by Stacey Cole
If you have a MakerSpace, what did you do to get principals and assistant principals on board? Also, what activities are teens enjoying the most?
Angela Olson Do you have a coffee shop in your library? How is it going? Positives? Negatives?
Posted by Angela Olson
We have a perfect location for a coffee bar in our library. I want to know what works and doesn't work. How did you get it going? How are you keeping it going?
Allison Renner Programs for Teens with Autism
Posted by Allison Renner
Does your library offer programs for teens with autism? I know a lot of libraries offer sensory storytime for kids with autism, but my library doesn't even offer that. We're applying for a grant to…
Linda Braun Where Cohort 1 Participants are From
Posted by Linda Braun
Linda Braun How to Use our Community of Practice (CoP)
Posted by Linda Braun
Video 1 : Getting started with our CoP Video 2 : Reading and responding to posts Video 3 : How to post a discussion/topic.
Linda Braun Linda Says Hello
Posted by Linda Braun
The Statue of Liberty taken from the ferry to Staten Island. Hi everyone. I'm so excited to finally be getting started with our work on the Future Ready with the Library project. It's…
Amy Straube Amy Straube - Introduction
Posted by Amy Straube
Hello, I'm Amy and I bring an different perspective to the group I think. I'm actually a licensed K - 12 Business Education teacher in Minnesota which means I am a vocational certified career teacher…
Katie Baxter Katie Baxter - Introduction
Posted by Katie Baxter
I laugh to think that as a ten year old my childhood friend and I used to set up reading collections and vocabulary games in our backyards in Mattapan, Massachusetts during the Summer for the…
Lisa Erickson Connecting on Facebook?
Posted by Lisa Erickson
It was great to meet and work with everyone over the past 2 days! Not sure how involved everyone is with social media, but please feel free to 'friend' me on Facebook -…
Amy Straube A thought about our "end" project
Posted by Amy Straube
My coworker and I were discussing a frustrating situation that is taking place Monday while I'm still here and should be there for this meeting, it was just rescheduled at 2:00 this afternoon without…

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