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Carol Lo Elevator Speech
Posted by Carol Lo, 9 answers
Due Date: February 3, 2017 Read: 6 Tips for Perfecting your elevator pitch Do - As you go out into the community to learn more and consider your potential community partners, you will need…
Hillary Scholz Hey Everyone!
Posted by Hillary Scholz, 8 answers
It was wonderful getting to know everyone last week and really sharing our ideas and challenges. It was great being around people who know the struggles of a small library. In the few days we were…
Annie Miller Katie, Hannah and Deb - Group question from Annie
Posted by Annie Miller, 5 answers
Hi Team, The elevator speech is planned as a group activity. How do you want to work as a smaller group? We can email, Linda can create a smaller group in this forum or something else. What do you…
Hannah Buckland January Reflection
Posted by Hannah Buckland, 4 answers
[First attempt at this reflection thing! I hope I'm doing this correctly. If not, may you all learn from my mistakes.] After five days in Atlanta, I’m happily settled into a new semester at…
Katie Baxter Evolution of Our Elevator Speech
Posted by Katie Baxter, 8 answers
I am almost back to Kodiak. Icy morning forced the 6:30am from Anchorage back to Anchorage. So, lucky me, I have a few hours to do my CoP homework. Even before I knew the homework assignment I…
Gayle Edelen January Reflections
Posted by Gayle Edelen, 5 answers
Reflections January 2017 After the abundance of information received in Atlanta, there has been much to reflect upon. For starters, I was not expecting to be in the presence of folks who are so …
Gayle Edelen Team Awesome
Posted by Gayle Edelen, 4 answers
Hello Ladies, Do we want Linda to create a small group for us to we can work together on our elevator pitch? Let me know what you would like to do. I have been working on this, but don't have…
Lisa Erickson Lisa Erickson - January Reflection
Posted by Lisa Erickson, 4 answers
I'll admit - I left Atlanta feeling refreshed and with some renewed energy to tackle this project, but then I got off the plane and daily work-life jumped right down my throat, burying that…
Aaron LaFromboise January Reflection (and more)
Posted by Aaron LaFromboise, 4 answers
On my to-do list is a January reflection, but of the first month of programming my library has every done! Maybe I got that term from this assignment that I also need to reflect on. Like everyone…
Lisa Erickson Elevator Speech
Posted by Lisa Erickson, 5 answers
Hello all, Sorry for the delay -- everyone did a great job on these. I really like the informal tone of Renae's, as I tend to be less formal in general. Obviously, I can change to formal to fit…
Hannah Buckland Group Activity #2: Questions for Partners
Posted by Hannah Buckland, 9 answers
Good morning, team! Our next assignment is up. How do you feel about trying Google Docs this time? I like that this website can notify us via email when someone posts, but trying to read through…
Gayle Edelen Group Activities #1 and #2
Posted by Gayle Edelen, 6 answers
Hello Awesome Ladies! How do you want to handle these assignments? I don't have a photo of our group and can't remember who does......volunteers to post a photo of us? How do you want to handle…
Carol Lo Weekly activity #4 Time and Space Inventory (there are two activities this week)
Posted by Carol Lo, 4 answers
Due Feb. 17 DO : We’ve noticed that finding the time to participate in this project as required is challenging for a lot of cohort members. Sometimes you do set aside time to work on this…
Hillary Scholz Group Activity #2
Posted by Hillary Scholz, 4 answers
Why are you interested in working with children? What led you to the decision of working with youth? What would you like to see happen in our community? How would you like it to…
Gayle Edelen Group Activity # 4
Posted by Gayle Edelen, 5 answers
Making time for this project has been a challenge. I quickly found out that although my library/manager is very supportive of this project and is willing for me to dedicate two to three hours of my…
Gayle Edelen Group Activity # 3
Posted by Gayle Edelen, 4 answers
Here's what I posted which is a compilation of the questions that Jessica and I came up with. I hope this is okay with everyone. What opportunities exist in our community, specifically for middle…
Carol Lo Where's your photo?
Posted by Carol Lo, 6 answers
Hey, I know you were trying to get the group photo up but I still don't see it. Let us know if you need help inserting it into a post. This skill will be very valuable as you move along with your…
Carol Lo Activity #5 Putting Middle School Students on the Graduation Path by Dr. Robert Balfanz
Posted by Carol Lo, 9 answers
Activity #5 Due February 24, 2017 As mentioned in last week’s activity, Dr. Robert Balfanz, is a leader in research into middle school student success and failure. He and his associates…
Carol Lo Activity Sheet
Posted by Carol Lo, 5 answers
Hi all, As a result of a good suggestion (thank, Laura), I've created an Activity Sheet with all the weekly activities, posted dates, due dates, the link to the post and a brief annotation of what…

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Unanswered questions

Stacey Cole How are you getting administrator buy in to your Makerspace? What activities/equipment do high school students like the most?
Posted by Stacey Cole
If you have a MakerSpace, what did you do to get principals and assistant principals on board? Also, what activities are teens enjoying the most?
Angela Olson Do you have a coffee shop in your library? How is it going? Positives? Negatives?
Posted by Angela Olson
We have a perfect location for a coffee bar in our library. I want to know what works and doesn't work. How did you get it going? How are you keeping it going?
Allison Renner Programs for Teens with Autism
Posted by Allison Renner
Does your library offer programs for teens with autism? I know a lot of libraries offer sensory storytime for kids with autism, but my library doesn't even offer that. We're applying for a grant to…
Linda Braun Where Cohort 1 Participants are From
Posted by Linda Braun
Linda Braun How to Use our Community of Practice (CoP)
Posted by Linda Braun
Video 1 : Getting started with our CoP Video 2 : Reading and responding to posts Video 3 : How to post a discussion/topic.
Linda Braun Presentations and Resources from Future Ready Cohort 1 Meeting in Atlanta
Posted by Linda Braun
Presentations and resources from the sessions in Atlanta are available. I'll continue to add them as I receive them: World Cafe slides from Sandra Hughes-Hassell Dru and Cassi's PowerPoint on…
Annie Miller Ideas from ALA Midwinter
Posted by Annie Miller
After the workshop, I stayed on for the conference, running into Amy Straube at a few sessions. (Amy I hope you got home alright. I landed in a sleet storm and white knuckled it home at 35 mph.) A…
Laura Pitts Introduction
Posted by Laura Pitts
Hey everyone! It is so hard to believe that it's been over a week since Atlanta! I don't know if you all are like me but it takes me a while to get back in the swing of things. Just a quick…
Carol Lo Weekly Activities: Working with your Group
Posted by Carol Lo
Group Activity # 1 Your Group Identity Going Do: Have someone in your group create a post and insert the photo you took at the meeting. Pick a name for your group (2 groups already have…
Ximena Grollmus Ximena Grollmus Introduction
Posted by Ximena Grollmus
Hello everybody, It took me a while to get organized with everything after coming back from my trip. I enjoyed meeting you all and spending those two days learning together. I felt a new world…
Peggy Poling-Sharkey Killing 3 Birds with 1 Stone (Intro & Jan/Feb reflections)
Posted by Peggy Poling-Sharkey
Intro: 13 years as 7th grade ELA teacher, 20 years as Middle School principal, first year librarian. My journey to the library started with my love of books and being with kids...which has now…
Linda Braun Colleges Discover the Rural Student
Posted by Linda Braun
This article from the NY Times, Colleges Discover Rural Students , connects perfectly to the work we are doing with the FRwtL project. There are lots of parts that jumped out at me but here's one…
Carol Lo Yeah, CAPS
Posted by Carol Lo
I'm so glad you have your group up and running! Hurray!
Aaron LaFromboise Space acquired!
Posted by Aaron LaFromboise
Hello ladies! Thank you Christina for setting up this space. I have been off of work almost all week because of record amounts of snow, the possibility of a ground blizzard, and now flooding…
Carol Lo Activity #6 Every1graduates and AMLE exploration
Posted by Carol Lo
Activity #6 Due February 24, 2017 Explore Balfanz’s site and the AMLE site for further information, articles, blog posts, research and other resources. Again, use…
Annie Miller Far-Flung Futurists (formerly known as ADHK)
Posted by Annie Miller
Katie, Annie, Hannah and Deb the Far-Flung Futurists
Hillary Scholz Every1graduates and AMLE exploration
Posted by Hillary Scholz
In my search to find something amazing and worth sharing I found the Grad Nation Community Guidbook. It’s a research-based toolkit for communities working to raise graduation rates and better…
Annie Miller Assignment #5
Posted by Annie Miller
Hi Futurists, After the last assignment, I've been thinking more and I realized that I really do need to develop a more systematic way of working. At the moment, I am quite over-committed at work…
Laura Pitts Every1graduates and AMLE exploration
Posted by Laura Pitts
I chose a post from AMLE that talks about the importance and successes of mentoring programs for middle school ages. The post can be found here:…
Annie Miller Assignment #6
Posted by Annie Miller
Hi All, Dropouts are not a big problem at our school. There is a big focus on getting kids into the program that will keep them on track. Vocational and academic choices and support as well as…
Lisa Erickson Activity #6
Posted by Lisa Erickson
Explore Balfanz’s site and the AMLE : Feedback -- I found this interactive map series quite interesting and it is something that could be shared during a public…

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