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Allison Shimek Career Cruising at Colorado Valley Communications
Posted by Allison Shimek, 9 answers
I spent a lot of time reflecting on how last week’s Career Cruising event went and about the overall program in general. I was feeling a little discouraged after a long week of events and…
Linda Braun Romper Room
Posted by Linda Braun, 4 answers
As we were getting started with our live Zoom session yesterday I talked a bit about Romper Room - including the Magic Mirror. Since I seem to be the only one who knows about this I wanted to expand…
Tyler Hahn Soft Skills Bingo
Posted by Tyler Hahn, 4 answers
I've been toying and refining how I could adapt my "Meet the Scientist" event with a soft skills bingo crossover. Here's a template of what I have thus far. Soft skills listed are what I have…
Kate Brunner Connected Learning modules
Posted by Kate Brunner, 5 answers
I'm finally getting to the Intro to Connected Learning module on ConnectedLib. (It's Spring Break for the local schools. So, I have a break in programming and am trying to catch up on a zillion…
Carol Lo April Activities
Posted by Carol Lo, 7 answers
April Activities Planning Template Document Many of you have begun to plan your project, while others are still in the exploration of your community assets, potential partners and needs (Both…
Linda Braun I keep Finding Things
Posted by Linda Braun, 4 answers
Yesterday, it seemed like everything I looked at had a FRwtL connection. Maybe one or two of these will be of interest: Careers in ESports - A few cohort members are interested in this topic so…
Amy Hertzberg Starting from scratch
Posted by Amy Hertzberg, 5 answers
I've had a community partner for a couple of weeks. She works at the local college and teaches leadership classes so I felt like it was a good fit but it started taking a turn. I noticed the focus…
Carla Enger Any ideas for a clever name for my FRwtL program?
Posted by Carla Enger, 6 answers
I've finally set the dates for our program this fall. Thanks to those who provided input on whether waiting until fall is a good plan. On four consecutive Mondays beginning in mid-September, a…
Tyler Hahn Hahn Planning Document
Posted by Tyler Hahn, 4 answers
I may actually have a few different plans or projects going on because I have had a TON of involvement in the community as of recent. This is the plan of action I am currently taking, as it is the…
Todd Deck Summer Reading and Connected Learning
Posted by Todd Deck, 6 answers
For a lot of librarians, the summer months we focus on summer reading. Leaving other projects until the fall. This is understandable as summer reading requires quite a bit of planning and we serve a…
Dianne Connery IMLS esports grant
Posted by Dianne Connery, 7 answers
I want to share my good news. Our library was awarded a $50,000 IMLS grant for esports. Now we'll be able to do this project the way I hoped to.
Linda Braun More Congratulations
Posted by Linda Braun, 9 answers
More congratulations are in order today - just found out that cohort 2 member and cohort 3 coach Todd Deck was named the CA Member of the Year . Congratulations Todd!
Tyler Hahn 13 Ways to Kill Your Community
Posted by Tyler Hahn, 5 answers
13 Ways to Kill Your Community There is also a book by the same author, which goes much more in depth. The book is a good read if you're a fan of "The Onion". In particular, from this PDF is point…
Tyler Hahn Technology Tinkering in Esports
Posted by Tyler Hahn, 4 answers
This week I had a smaller group of tweens and teens for our esports team meeting mostly due to church camps, the county fair, and family vacations, so we decided to work on some problem solving with…

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Linda Braun Where Cohort 1 Participants are From
Posted by Linda Braun
Linda Braun How to Use our Community of Practice (CoP)
Posted by Linda Braun
Video 1 : Getting started with our CoP Video 2 : Reading and responding to posts Video 3 : How to post a discussion/topic.
Linda Braun Presentations and Resources from Future Ready Cohort 1 Meeting in Atlanta
Posted by Linda Braun
Presentations and resources from the sessions in Atlanta are available. I'll continue to add them as I receive them: World Cafe slides from Sandra Hughes-Hassell Dru and Cassi's PowerPoint on…
Annie Miller Ideas from ALA Midwinter
Posted by Annie Miller
After the workshop, I stayed on for the conference, running into Amy Straube at a few sessions. (Amy I hope you got home alright. I landed in a sleet storm and white knuckled it home at 35 mph.) A…
Laura Pitts Introduction
Posted by Laura Pitts
Hey everyone! It is so hard to believe that it's been over a week since Atlanta! I don't know if you all are like me but it takes me a while to get back in the swing of things. Just a quick…

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