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Top questions

Jessi Snow What are teens, librarians and libraries doing for Teen Read Week 2016?
Posted by Jessi Snow, 16 answers
Teen Read Week theme this year is "Read for the Fun of It!" What are some program ideas people are doing for TRW this year? TRW is October 9-15
Sis O'Brien Getting Teens in Library
Posted by Sis O'Brien, 10 answers
Besides food, how do you get busy teens into your library? We've started over several times in the past 13 yrs and still no teens. They come in, check ut what they want, and leave. Should I just…
Karen Paterson I am starting a book club in my high school. so far it is a group of 8 girls. They want to read the new Harry Potter. Do think that it would be a good choice? If not what book would you start with?
Posted by Karen Paterson, 5 answers
What book should we read?
Kaelyn Christian Teen Read Week Display...No Space!
Posted by Kaelyn Christian, 4 answers
I'm the new youth librarian at my library, and we were without one for about nine months before I started. During that time the minimal teen programming became non-existent. I'd like to build teen…
Samantha Magee Dear "just passing through," how do we get you to stay?
Posted by Samantha Magee, 5 answers
Our branch is located in a suburban commerce, high-traffic area; patrons generally stop in to run just one more errand on a long list of errands, and they're gone again within fifteen minutes unless…
Desiree Campos Interested in starting a teen advisory board but the teens don't seem interested....
Posted by Desiree Campos, 5 answers
I want to find ways to get teens more interested in the library through a teen advisory board but the teens at the library don't seem all that interested. Any ideas on how to start one or find…

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Unanswered questions

Amanda Fack Including teens in homeschool groups...
Posted by Amanda Fack
How does your library include teens in your homeschool hangout type groups? Are there activities you've found that aren't too "babyish" for older kids?
Stacey Cole How are you getting administrator buy in to your Makerspace? What activities/equipment do high school students like the most?
Posted by Stacey Cole
If you have a MakerSpace, what did you do to get principals and assistant principals on board? Also, what activities are teens enjoying the most?
Angela Olson Do you have a coffee shop in your library? How is it going? Positives? Negatives?
Posted by Angela Olson
We have a perfect location for a coffee bar in our library. I want to know what works and doesn't work. How did you get it going? How are you keeping it going?
Allison Renner Programs for Teens with Autism
Posted by Allison Renner
Does your library offer programs for teens with autism? I know a lot of libraries offer sensory storytime for kids with autism, but my library doesn't even offer that. We're applying for a grant to…
nicole mills Advice for those new to Comic Con
Posted by nicole mills
Wanted to get advice from those who have offered successful Comic Cons at their library. Doing one for the first time this Spring, as an all-ages event with many elements from workshops to panels to…

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