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Linda Braun September/October Activities
Posted by Linda Braun, 7 answers
The first set of activities for the FutureYou group focus on learning about the community in which you work and middle schoolers live, go to school, etc. The activities are: Start Thinking …
Amy Hertzberg First Session--a success!
Posted by Amy Hertzberg, 4 answers
Sorry I've been MIA on the Zoom meetings. I have bus duty during 1st quarter so I am not available. Thankfully, 1st quarter is almost over so I can go back to regular life. Today was the first day…
Linda Braun Welcome
Posted by Linda Braun, 6 answers
Welcome to the fourth cohort of the Future Ready with the Library project. This is the space where you will post your questions, ideas, feedback, and more. It's the cohort's place to stay in touch.
Kimberly King Progress from Priestley Forsyth Memorial Library, Northumberland
Posted by Kimberly King, 5 answers
We have started our process of building a listing of local businesses. One of our college interns (hired through PHEAA Work Study program) suggested an Excel spreadsheet and breaking to categories. …
Linda Braun Memphis Follow-Up
Posted by Linda Braun, 4 answers
I hope everyone had a good trip home from Memphis. I wanted to follow-up on a few things: Our monthly Zooms will take place on the third Thursday of every month - starting in November and going…
Carol Lo November Activities
Posted by Carol Lo, 4 answers
On the 15th of each month, you will receive activities for the project. Perhaps add a reminder to your calendar. Note each is tagged to help find them. Please read through it immediately. Post…
Judith Cutright County Commissioners
Posted by Judith Cutright, 5 answers
I attended our County Commissioner meeting last night to talk with them about the Future Ready program. As I said in our last Zoom meeting, there is one particular commissioner that I have had…
Carol Lo December Activities
Posted by Carol Lo, 7 answers
Learn about Middle Schooler’s Interests Connect with Your Future Ready with the Library Cohort As you work on the activities in this section, don’t forget to post on the CoP ( …
Kelly Reisig Video...what did you think?
Posted by Kelly Reisig, 4 answers
I didn't see a thread for reactions to the video so I apologize if it's already started. I finally had the chance to see the whole thing. It was so jam packed with great information that I had to…
Nicholas Caum Building Communication Skills
Posted by Nicholas Caum, 4 answers
Alright, after talking with a few more people in the community I think I've identified what I want to do. However, I worry that it is still to broad. Essentially, everyone I talked to spoke to the…
Jennifer Johnson Outcomes and Where I hope to go with them
Posted by Jennifer Johnson, 4 answers
I have been so surprised by what I have discovered so far as part of PA Future You. As you know, I have been amazed at the number of businesses in the small town of Hallam. In talking with folks, it…

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Unanswered questions

Linda Braun Where Cohort 1 Participants are From
Posted by Linda Braun
Linda Braun How to Use our Community of Practice (CoP)
Posted by Linda Braun
Video 1 : Getting started with our CoP Video 2 : Reading and responding to posts Video 3 : How to post a discussion/topic.
Linda Braun Presentations and Resources from Future Ready Cohort 1 Meeting in Atlanta
Posted by Linda Braun
Presentations and resources from the sessions in Atlanta are available. I'll continue to add them as I receive them: World Cafe slides from Sandra Hughes-Hassell Dru and Cassi's PowerPoint on…
Annie Miller Ideas from ALA Midwinter
Posted by Annie Miller
After the workshop, I stayed on for the conference, running into Amy Straube at a few sessions. (Amy I hope you got home alright. I landed in a sleet storm and white knuckled it home at 35 mph.) A…
Laura Pitts Introduction
Posted by Laura Pitts
Hey everyone! It is so hard to believe that it's been over a week since Atlanta! I don't know if you all are like me but it takes me a while to get back in the swing of things. Just a quick…

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