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Linda Braun When will you arrive in Denver?
Posted by Linda Braun, 32 answers
During our session yesterday people were interested in traveling from the airport to the Curtis Hotel together. If you are interested and able to join in group travel add your arrival information…
Anne Heidemann Is anyone else staying for the Symposium on the Future of Libraries/rest of Midwinter?
Posted by Anne Heidemann, 8 answers
Just curious if anyone else from our cohort is staying for more of Midwinter? I will be!
Keri Walker When your professional development from different grants converge...
Posted by Keri Walker, 4 answers
These videos were shared with Rural Gateways grantees. Thought I'd share with you. Libraries Transform Communities Communities Transform Libraries
Linda Braun Denver Meeting Follow-Up
Posted by Linda Braun, 4 answers
It was great seeing you all in Denver last week. I am really excited to learn with you all over the next several weeks and months. I updated our Google Drive Folde r for this project to include…
Todd Deck Wide Web
Posted by Todd Deck, 4 answers
Hello, One of the big takeaways I took from the FRwtL meeting was the importance of personally connecting and inviting people to programs and events. Last year we hosted a poet for a workshop and…
Carol Kunnerup Books and Resources
Posted by Carol Kunnerup, 9 answers
Hi, I just got my many boxes of books from ALA. We are so excited. I AM so excited. And, as if I didn't have enough books to fiddle with, I am wondering if anyone has received the professional…
Mandy Bundy Beginning phases
Posted by Mandy Bundy, 5 answers
Hi Everyone! I have concluded partnership meetings this week with the school districts, local community college, and a couple of local businesses in my tribal service area. So far, I have one…
Carol Kunnerup Reading YALS. Has anyone thought about submitting an article?
Posted by Carol Kunnerup, 7 answers
I had a snow day today. We have a blizzard a blowing here on the prairie. Reviewing emails and reading YALS. Making plans and making a few calls. Work from home is kinda fun, but town was basically…
Carol Lo March Activities
Posted by Carol Lo, 5 answers
March Theme Activities March 12 Building Community with Youth Create opportunities (and participate in those opportunities) to talk with middle school students and…
Vicki Bartz Social Emotional Aspect vs Careers
Posted by Vicki Bartz, 4 answers
From today's talk on our Zoom meeting, I sensed more are going with the social emotional learning than careers themselves. Is social emotional learning your first step? Will you then move into job…
Lois Dehoff Hi! I know we are supposed to turn in our activities to the person who called us for our check-in. Do we have a document that has all of the coaches' emails? Thanks!
Posted by Lois Dehoff, 4 answers
Erin Hollingsworth Navigation of page?
Posted by Erin Hollingsworth, 4 answers
Carol asked me to post on the HQ and I am confused. Is there an organization to this page? I am struggling in my attempt to navigate the information. I keep seeing posts from last year's cohort. Is…
Erin Hollingsworth Professional Materials
Posted by Erin Hollingsworth, 4 answers
I received a box with some of my FRwtL2 Professional Materials in the mail today. One of the ordered titles was missing and four unsolicited books were included. What am I supposed to do with these?…
Abbie Lancaster Compiled List of Questions from Today's Meeting
Posted by Abbie Lancaster, 5 answers
During today's meeting, there were so many amazing examples of questions to ask when talking with community members and teens. I think these would work for the snowball activity we've been assigned,…
Abbie Lancaster Update on Round Table Discussions and Walk-Abouts
Posted by Abbie Lancaster, 6 answers
I met today with the school district librarians to share more about the project, and to get their input on what they think would work as far as teaching and developing soft skills. I had every…
Abbie Lancaster Expo Bingo
Posted by Abbie Lancaster, 11 answers
Obviously this is my THIRD post this week. Forgive me for that. Anyone want to brainstorm items to put on a job fest BINGO card? I've got an opportunity to use this idea on May 10th, and will be…
Abbie Lancaster An Overview Handout I've been using in Meetings
Posted by Abbie Lancaster, 4 answers
I made an overview of FR some time ago to clarify the project for my staffmates. I decided to bring copies to my meetings last week, and it went so well I felt like I needed to share. I have the…
Keri Walker For those doing career fairs...
Posted by Keri Walker, 7 answers
Welp, I just found out from one of my frequent and very active partners that there is a career fair for all sixth graders in the parish happening Monday. I asked why I hadn't been invited and her…
Anne Heidemann Has anyone use an online sticky-note/brainstorming tool?
Posted by Anne Heidemann, 6 answers
Has anyone use an online sticky-note tool, like or similar, to keep track of/make a visual display of responses from your meetings with youth/community folks?
Lois Dehoff Caught up! Advertising/promo: FRwtL and Business Professionals of America
Posted by Lois Dehoff, 4 answers
Hello! April was a busy month! With three weeks to go until the end of the school year, I pushed to get my Future Ready promo to John R. Wooden Middle School at the start of the May. (I am partnering…
Linda Braun Two More Things
Posted by Linda Braun, 5 answers
I just saw that the Afterschool Alliance published a issue brief on the topic of SEL. It's definitely worth reading and thinking about. Also, I'm wondering who is going to be at Annual Conference…
Nisa Kesseler Empathy building activities
Posted by Nisa Kesseler, 4 answers
Hello everyone! In addition to the empathy building exercise I described in the chat yesterday, here are a couple more that have been successful with tweens and teens in my experience: 1) "Cross…
Carol Kunnerup I think I am finally THERE
Posted by Carol Kunnerup, 6 answers
I believe I have found something. I have spoken with so many people! It is FANTASTIC. So, I started with this idea, just before I applied for this opportunity. I was going to buy this book and each…
Vicki Bartz Should I be a rebel?
Posted by Vicki Bartz, 6 answers
After a meeting with my group last Tuesday afternoon, I had a phone call with Christina to vent!. Her advice was become a rebel! I had reported the group was all excited, on board, thrilled with…
Todd Deck Practice your program
Posted by Todd Deck, 4 answers
Yesterday morning was a bit intense. A kindergarten teacher called me asking if two classes could visit the library in one hour. The field trip they had scheduled was cancelled and she wanted the…

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Unanswered questions

Linda Braun Where Cohort 1 Participants are From
Posted by Linda Braun
Linda Braun How to Use our Community of Practice (CoP)
Posted by Linda Braun
Video 1 : Getting started with our CoP Video 2 : Reading and responding to posts Video 3 : How to post a discussion/topic.
Linda Braun Presentations and Resources from Future Ready Cohort 1 Meeting in Atlanta
Posted by Linda Braun
Presentations and resources from the sessions in Atlanta are available. I'll continue to add them as I receive them: World Cafe slides from Sandra Hughes-Hassell Dru and Cassi's PowerPoint on…
Annie Miller Ideas from ALA Midwinter
Posted by Annie Miller
After the workshop, I stayed on for the conference, running into Amy Straube at a few sessions. (Amy I hope you got home alright. I landed in a sleet storm and white knuckled it home at 35 mph.) A…
Laura Pitts Introduction
Posted by Laura Pitts
Hey everyone! It is so hard to believe that it's been over a week since Atlanta! I don't know if you all are like me but it takes me a while to get back in the swing of things. Just a quick…
Carol Lo Weekly Activities: Working with your Group
Posted by Carol Lo
Group Activity # 1 Your Group Identity Going Do: Have someone in your group create a post and insert the photo you took at the meeting. Pick a name for your group (2 groups already have…
Ximena Grollmus Ximena Grollmus Introduction
Posted by Ximena Grollmus
Hello everybody, It took me a while to get organized with everything after coming back from my trip. I enjoyed meeting you all and spending those two days learning together. I felt a new world…
Peggy Poling-Sharkey Killing 3 Birds with 1 Stone (Intro & Jan/Feb reflections)
Posted by Peggy Poling-Sharkey
Intro: 13 years as 7th grade ELA teacher, 20 years as Middle School principal, first year librarian. My journey to the library started with my love of books and being with kids...which has now…
Linda Braun Colleges Discover the Rural Student
Posted by Linda Braun
This article from the NY Times, Colleges Discover Rural Students , connects perfectly to the work we are doing with the FRwtL project. There are lots of parts that jumped out at me but here's one…
Carol Lo Yeah, CAPS
Posted by Carol Lo
I'm so glad you have your group up and running! Hurray!
Carol Lo Activity #6 Every1graduates and AMLE exploration
Posted by Carol Lo
Activity #6 Due February 24, 2017 Explore Balfanz’s site and the AMLE site for further information, articles, blog posts, research and other resources. Again, use…
Annie Miller Far-Flung Futurists (formerly known as ADHK)
Posted by Annie Miller
Katie, Annie, Hannah and Deb the Far-Flung Futurists
Hillary Scholz Every1graduates and AMLE exploration
Posted by Hillary Scholz
In my search to find something amazing and worth sharing I found the Grad Nation Community Guidbook. It’s a research-based toolkit for communities working to raise graduation rates and better…
Annie Miller Assignment #5
Posted by Annie Miller
Hi Futurists, After the last assignment, I've been thinking more and I realized that I really do need to develop a more systematic way of working. At the moment, I am quite over-committed at work…
Lisa Erickson Activity #6
Posted by Lisa Erickson
Explore Balfanz’s site and the AMLE : Feedback -- I found this interactive map series quite interesting and it is something that could be shared during a public…
Carol Lo Updated Activity Sheet
Posted by Carol Lo
Here's the Link to the Activity sheet. It will be updated every week along with the assignment. It is possible for all of us to edit, but please don't unless you have really mean to do so. If you…
Gayle Edelen Activity 6
Posted by Gayle Edelen
http://// I found this to be important in that…
Gayle Edelen February Reflections
Posted by Gayle Edelen
February Reflections I hardly know where February has gone. If this entire year passes as quickly as February I can hardly imagine having a project in place. And then I remind…
Linda Braun Webinar of Interest
Posted by Linda Braun
ACT is hosting a webinar on Tuesday - 2/28 at noon Eastern - that might be of interest to some or all. It's called How You can Help Underrepresented Students Aim Higher I just registered and…
Laura Pitts February Reflection: Making Initial Contacts and Figuring Things Out
Posted by Laura Pitts
This February has remained productive despite the issues that we have had regarding staffing and library building maintenance. I have had two interesting conversations where I have brought up the…
Renae Rountree Activity #6
Posted by Renae Rountree
The most intriguing information that I found on the two websites is the following two page report on food insecurity.…
Jessica Faill Activity 6
Posted by Jessica Faill
Sorry I'm so late on this ladies. Life has been hectic as usual. I chose this article:…
Amy Straube Activity 4
Posted by Amy Straube
I have asked my principal to allow me to not go to the Public library during our early outs which are typically once a month. I will use that time during the rest of this school year to work on this…
Amy Straube Disclaimer--I remember why I went AWOL...I feel like the most negative person in the WORLD...I'm Not.....please read
Posted by Amy Straube
Ok, I will keep this short as I tend to overexplain..sorry, bad habit of mine..working on it. As I reply to your posts I try to provide an honest answer from the education side, as I'm hoping…
Carol Lo What's your score?
Posted by Carol Lo
I'm attaching a college and career rubric to let you (and members of your community) score how you're doing at providing a great environment for middle school students to be aware and ready for their…
Carol Lo March Action -- Reminder
Posted by Carol Lo
Hi all, There's just a few more days left in March so I wanted to check in with a reminder about the March Action Plan. March is all about expanding your potential Community Partner horizons. AND…
Carol Lo April Action Plan Due May 5th
Posted by Carol Lo
April Action Plan Due May 5th READ Inputs v Outcomes READ Types of Outcomes DO April’s Action Plan moves from branching out from potential partnership…
Hannah Buckland March Reflection: On Risk
Posted by Hannah Buckland
[All apologies for the fact that my reflections keep getting longer. March had good adventures, and it all fits together, and it's so nice to write things that aren't grant reports.] The Setup…
Stephanie Loiselle Reflecting on March
Posted by Stephanie Loiselle
March was a month that kept me hopping. I really enjoyed meeting so many people in the community, and hearing their concerns and interests. I met this month with people from the economic development…
Katie Baxter Kodiak Far-Flung March 2017 Assignment
Posted by Katie Baxter
Greetings all! I appreciated the month's time to review the resources and share/process them with others. Spreading the work across a month allowed various of my staff to see me in action, ask…
Stephanie Loiselle March Action
Posted by Stephanie Loiselle
This post is not pretty, but I want to get it in before too much time goes by! I still have meetings with the PTO, rescheduling one at the high school after we got a snow storm and had to cancel, and…
Linda Braun New Report on Social Emotional Development and College Career Readiness
Posted by Linda Braun
I just discovered this new report - March 2017 - from the Aspen Institute on Social Emotional Development and College Career Readiness . It is a great resource for us in the work we are doing now. …
Carol Lo March Action Summary Examples
Posted by Carol Lo
Linda and I have asked a couple of folks to post their March Action summaries on this site so that everyone could see them. They reflect very different approaches to setting up the meetings with…
Linda Braun April Wednesday Chat Recording
Posted by Linda Braun
Today's chat was a small but hard-working group of Amy, Carol, Ximena, and me. I think even though Amy was the only person in the chat from the cohort, we had a lot of great conversation about how…
Carol Lo Relationships Come First article
Posted by Carol Lo
Many of you have mentioned appreciating the articles and other content we've provided along the way as helpful for your own professional development and sharing with prospective community partners. …
Linda Braun Trauma Informed Practice Chat
Posted by Linda Braun
The video and chat from today's Trauma Informed Practice Zoom chat with Ximena is available: Video Chat Transcript We are going to schedule a part two and I will let you know when that is.
Carol Lo May Action Plan
Posted by Carol Lo
May Action Plan. March and April have been devoted to interviewing potential partners, considering outcomes and evaluations and exploring your community’s career opportunities. Now is the…
Linda Braun Navigating SEL from the Inside Out
Posted by Linda Braun
This is a new report from the Wallace Foundation . I haven't read through it yet, but it looks like it could be a good resource for ideas on integrating SEL into activities as well as providing some…
Renae Rountree April Action Plan
Posted by Renae Rountree
April’s Action Plan wants 3 outcomes. Since I was slightly behind the curve on my meetings, I went into my meetings thinking about outcomes and how to measure them. There are two possible ways…
Gayle Edelen April Action Plan
Posted by Gayle Edelen
April Actioin Plan Community Partners* Northeast Dubois Middle School *My primary Community Partner is the Northeast Dubois Middle School. The middle school will…
Katie Baxter Cohort Chats May 9 and May 10, 2017
Posted by Katie Baxter
Greetings all. I wanted to reach out and say hello before May gets too much underway with end of fiscal year tasks and Summer program planning. I continue to find your updates and tips motivating.…
Laura Pitts March / April Action Plan
Posted by Laura Pitts
Combined in this post are both March’s and April’s action plans. Our school system that I am working with is under a new Superintendent Change and it has been a fun challenge to get…
Carol Lo Reminder - Video / Phone Chat today
Posted by Carol Lo
Hi all, Just a quick reminder of the link and/or phone number you'll need to come to the chat today. It starts at 3 p.m. Eastern, 2 p.m. Central, 1 p.m. Mountain, and 12 p.m. Pacific. Wednesdays,…
Linda Braun May Chat Recordings
Posted by Linda Braun
The recordings of this month's chats are now available: Tuesday, May 9 Chat Wednesday, May 10 Chat We had small groups for both - well on Wednesday there was Stephanie, Carol, and me and…
Linda Braun Partnering to Increase Your Impact
Posted by Linda Braun
This week YALSA published a new toolkit on partnerships and partnering that I think has some good ideas and resources. Check it out .
Carol Lo June Action Plan - Program Template
Posted by Carol Lo
Hi all, Your May Action Plan (search for May Action Plan tag below this post for reference) is due this Friday, June 2. We look forward to hearing how your plans are shaping up! June's Action…
Linda Braun June Video Chats
Posted by Linda Braun
We had two great video chats this week that included really inspiring updates on the work several cohort members are doing/moving forward with. Each chat was uploaded to our Google Drive space and…
Laura Pitts Checking in
Posted by Laura Pitts
Hey group! It has been so long since any of us have talked that I wanted to check in and see how you were all doing. And how your projects were coming along! Much love - Laura
Carol Lo July, August, September and October Activities!
Posted by Carol Lo
Hi all, This month, we begin a new strategy for each month's activity. Since we’re more than half way into the year with Future Ready with the Library, we want YOU to share what you are…
Carol Lo New Activity/Program Template uploaded
Posted by Carol Lo
Hi all, Thanks to Christina, I realized the template I uploaded for June (and to use for all of July, August, Sept. and Oct.) had a lot of tracking changes still visible. So I uploaded a new, clear…
Annie Miller Progress?
Posted by Annie Miller
Hi All, I had a great meeting yesterday with my main partner, Chai from the youth center, and a new participant - our local 4H director. Very productive. Lots of ideas and resources flying. I'm…
Renae Rountree May Action Plan
Posted by Renae Rountree
Five days after I posted all of my April work, my mom fell. One emergency back surgery later, my mom is doing great. I am slowly working my way out of the hole of taking so much time off work during…
Linda Braun July Video Chat Recordings
Posted by Linda Braun
The recordings of the July video chats are available. Our Tuesday afternoon chat was with Dan Gilbert from the Afterschool Alliance. He is going to send me his slides that were a part of his…
Linda Braun Measuring SEL
Posted by Linda Braun
Just learned about this new site focused on SEL assessment and while the pieces are still being developed it looks like it could be useful. I’m looking forward to reading their reports and…
Linda Braun Webinar on Social Emotional Learning Market Research
Posted by Linda Braun
This webinar looks like it will provide a useful follow-up to the info that Dan Gilbert talked about during his presentation earlier this month.
Linda Braun Did You See?
Posted by Linda Braun
Two new reports came my way today - thanks to Beth Yoke, YALSA Executive Director: A new YouthTruth report on College Career Readiness, particularly on how students do and don’t feel…
Gayle Edelen Hello Awesome Ladies!
Posted by Gayle Edelen
Summer reading program sucked out my brains and I am so glad it's over! I don't think youth services librarians are supposed to say that out loud, but there you have it! I hope you are all well and…
Carol Lo August is US!
Posted by Carol Lo
Hi all, August is the month the Awesomes take on sharing their Program Template and each week someone will share some article, video, book or anything you think the entire group might appreciate on…
Linda Braun August Video Chats
Posted by Linda Braun
Hi all, apologies for the delay in getting the videos from this month’s chats posted. We had really great conversation on Tuesday and Wednesday. Katie, Annie, Stephanie, Laura, and Aaron all…
Jessica Faill Resource List
Posted by Jessica Faill
So one of the programs I am doing is a career test! I found a free one to do online that goes as far to tell you what type of education you need for the career you want. I feel like it is a simple…
Carol Lo September belongs to CAPS
Posted by Carol Lo
Hi all, Amazingly, the first week of September is almost over. September is the month the CAPS group will post their activity template and each member will post a resource for others to see. Please…
Linda Braun Research Institute for Public Libraries Scholarships for Rural Libraries
Posted by Linda Braun
Look at this . Each year the Research Institute for Public Libraries hosts a professional development session that's all about outcomes. The next application process provides 20 rural libraries with…
Linda Braun Subscribe New Posts Feature
Posted by Linda Braun
Here’s a document that gives you a step-by-step of how to use the subscribe new posts feature of the CoP.
Carol Lo October belongs to Newbies
Posted by Carol Lo
October is upon us and that means the CAPS group will take the lead in sharing about their programs. We'd love to see your Program Template (and if you revised it, please do share). The Program…
Laura Pitts Building Better Leaders and the quest to conquer Hot Chocolate River: Scottsboro Public Library Update
Posted by Laura Pitts
Last week, the 7th graders in our Building Better Leader's program at Scottsboro Junior High School learned an important lesson on teamwork. And not only teamwork, but how necessary is it for…
Linda Braun October Video Chat Recording
Posted by Linda Braun
Hi all, the recording of our chat on Tuesday is available in our Google Drive . It was great to hear how projects are progressing and have cohort members give each other kudos, advice, etc. We…
Katie Baxter Program Template Day One Exploratory Lab
Posted by Katie Baxter
Greetings, Here is plan for Day One of next week's Exploratory Lab. My Partner needs formal documentation for approval since students will be receiving credit. I am open to questions, revisions,…
Alex Cybulski Scaling Programs for Teens
Posted by Alex Cybulski
Hey folks! So I'm working on a presentation to my district about scaling up programs to also work for Teens and I'm curious what experiences you all have had in doing this! Scaling, in this case,…
Laura Pitts Building Better Leaders - Community Engagement with Nic Cornelison
Posted by Laura Pitts
I have many things to update you all on with our project! It is going very well and I'm very happy with the results that we are seeing. In October, we had a local business owner come and talk to…
Laura Pitts Building Better Leaders - First set of classes complete
Posted by Laura Pitts
At the end of October we completed the first set of sessions with our 7th grade students at Scottsboro Junior High School. The final two programs we held with them were related to Soft Skills. …
Linda Braun Google Drive Folder & YouTube Playlist for Cohort 2
Posted by Linda Braun
Here's a link to the Google Drive folder where I, you, Carol, Laura, and Christina, will put various materials. And a link to our Cohort YouTube playlist . This is where recordings of our monthly…
Carol Kunnerup ALA Midwinter
Posted by Carol Kunnerup
I will be staying for the whole ALA Midwinter Conference. I will be joining the ALA NMRT events, a few others, too, downloaded the app, searched and found WAY more than I could ever get done. Want it…
Carol Kunnerup Who knows where we are meeting in the morning ? I will tell ya.
Posted by Carol Kunnerup
WeWe meemeetmeet at the Dodge ball room on the 2nd floor. See you in the morning.
Carol Kunnerup Who knows where we are meeting in the morning ? I will tell ya.
Posted by Carol Kunnerup
We meet at the Dodge ball room on the 2nd floor. See you in the morning.
Bailee Hutchinson The Ground Work & More
Posted by Bailee Hutchinson
Happy Wednesday All, I wanted to check-in. I have been playing catch up since I got from Denver and finally feel caught up.....wellll as caught up as anyone can feel as a librarian. haha. There…
Linda Braun Live Session Recording and Chat Transcript and More
Posted by Linda Braun
The materials from yesterday's live session are now available: Video recording Chat Transcript There was a question about the resource form for people to fill out. You should use this…
Bailee Hutchinson Twist on the Book Mark
Posted by Bailee Hutchinson
Thank you Todd for the book mark idea! Here is my version of it. Bailee
Linda Braun Zoom Live Session 4/18/18
Posted by Linda Braun
Apologies all for not getting this to you yesterday. My day just got away from me. The video and chat from our session earlier this week are available. Both really awesome content. Thanks for…
Vicki Bartz Cardboard Confessionals
Posted by Vicki Bartz
"Cardboard Confessionals" by Mitch Reed. Available on Amazon 7 questions he asked: 1) What is one thing you want to do before you die? 2) What makes a meaningful life? 3) On what one thing in…
Linda Braun FRwtL 5/9/18 Live Session
Posted by Linda Braun
The video and chat transcrip t from yesterday's live session is now available. Thanks everyone for the great conversation and thanks Vicki for getting us started and telling everyone about the…
Carol Lo May Activity
Posted by Carol Lo
Hi all, May is upon us. We had a great Zoom meeting last Wednesday and look forward to another this Wednesday. Take a look at the May activities. Come to the Zoom meeting if you can or write us if…
Carol Lo May Activity
Posted by Carol Lo
May Activities Planning your event with a checklist and assessments in mind Planning Template 2018 – attached document TEDEd (Experimental series to explore career…
Carol Lo June Activity
Posted by Carol Lo
June and the rest of the summer months, through August, is about sharing with the cohort what you’re Future Ready with the Library plans are. It’s important everyone starts to see how…
Nisa Kesseler Community Engagement Summit
Posted by Nisa Kesseler
I just received an email through our state listserv and there is a community engagement summit coming up in September that I am considering going to. The keynote speaker is David Harwood from the…
Nisa Kesseler Teen Volunteer Questions
Posted by Nisa Kesseler
Hello Everyone! I am attaching the word document I use when interviewing teen volunteers for the library. I want to stress that these are just baseline questions. Often the conversation has a…
Robin McCann Facebook help
Posted by Robin McCann
Facebook algorithm help The word "SHARE" — Instead use = spread the love / help me spread the word ↗️ The word "TAG"— Instead use = tell a friend / tell your peeps / introduce me to…
Todd Deck Planning Template
Posted by Todd Deck
Hi Everyone, I apologize for being MIA. Between summer reading, job stuff (just experienced the longest job interview of my life) and life in general I haven’t been able to spend as much…
Vicki Bartz Carried on not so rebelish
Posted by Vicki Bartz
On Monday, July 9th, another meeting was held with the students from the 8th grade and their parents at our Lakeside Park. The committee had done the 5 Life-skills you think our teens need most to…
Holly Gillum MOU & Planning Template
Posted by Holly Gillum
After yesterday's webinar, I took some time to look at examples of the MoU we received from the program as well as some examples online. I know my circumstances will not match anyone else, but I'm…

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