Killing 3 Birds with 1 Stone (Intro & Jan/Feb reflections)

Peggy Poling-Sharkey February 8, 2017


13 years as 7th grade ELA teacher, 20 years as Middle School principal, first year librarian.  My journey to the library started with my love of books and being with kids...which has now brought me full circle - to the library!  Needless to say I felt like a fish out of water sitting among such experienced librarians, but at the same time felt like I probably could have given the talk on adolescents (although maybe not quite as entertaining) - my whole professional career has been focused on middle level education.  

I am loving the life as a librarian as compared to principal (which I loved dearly, but totally wore me out).  I have a huge file of ideas and projects to get kids in the library and read more, and now I am excited to be able to add the CCR component!

Jan. Reflection

Just flat out got carried away with other things.  Along with all the library things that you all understand (I still don't know enough to realize what I might be missing), I decided to try a new little something in the library that I saw on Pintrest (that is one big rabbit hole!).  Anyhoo, set up "Blind Date With a Book" and it has been a big success!

February Reflection

The public librarian held a "Here we are, how can we help" meeting for all interested school staff after school one day in our school cafeteria.  She had an agenda and brought along a couple of her helpers.  They shared some of the activities they have under way and quizzed us on how they might be able to better work with us.  Talk about fortuitous!  A need to connect and she reached out before I even had time to process....  Also met with the Director of the 21st Century Learning program in Parma.  She is writing a new grant and we want to include the library in more of the after school activities, many of which are geared to CCR.  One project idea is to bring in various members of the community to talk about their job and create some type of corresponding activity to enhance discovery about that particular career.  Now all we need to do is wait to see if we get the grant - fingers crossed!

Enough for now - keep your eyes on the prize!

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