Activity #5 Putting Middle School Students on the Graduation Path by Dr. Robert Balfanz

Carol Lo February 16, 2017, 14 comments

Activity #5  Due February 24, 2017

As mentioned in last week’s activity, Dr. Robert Balfanz, is a leader in research into middle school student success and failure. He and his associates have identified behaviors that can accurately predict student graduation rate (absent effective intervention). In 2009, at the Middle School Association (now re-named the AMLE-Association for Middle Level Education where Dru Tomlinson, one of our presenters, is the Director of Middle Level Service) he presented this policy brief, Putting Middle Grade Students on the Graduation Path.



Using your These Three Things log while reading the policy brief, please note information you plan to Remember and Explore and to whom you might want to Share this information. Post your thought as a comment on the ORIGINAL post so that all the comments on this activity are captured along with the activity. Keep these thoughts brief.  


As you progress with engaging your community regarding college and career readiness and awareness some people may ask you “Why middle school?” Accessing valid research and gathering information from middle school experts will help you provide thoughtful, informed answers. These two sites provide a great reference to inform you and your community members.

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