Activity 6

Jessica Faill March 1, 2017

Sorry I'm so late on this ladies. Life has been hectic as usual.

I chose this article:

This article speaks to me on a personal level. All my childhood my parents struggled with keeping food on the table and keeping a roof over my 3 siblings and myself. I struggled through school at an early age because even though my parents tried their best to hide their struggling, I knew and I would worry myself sick. We would move from place to place, and eventually things got better. The one thing I remember and will always cherish are my teachers who believed in me and took the extra time to make sure that I was okay. They praised me for my success and helped me when I failed. Their encouragement put me on the right track, and granted sometimes I would slide back into not doing my homework and not paying attention in class, but they would ALWAYS put in extra effort to  put me in the right place.

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