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This program is a teen-run, teen-created TV show. They named it, they produce the content, they own it! Currently, this program happens weekly, but this summer it will happen every other week. Teens show up and work on the current episode. One week, they may shoot interviews with their fellow teens on different topics; another week they may work on writing a script; and another week may be spent editing the episode. There is always something to do! Topics are often issues relating to the LGBTQ+ community. The show's episodes air on our local public access TV station and on YouTube. This program is ongoing and has no end date. Aside from slowing down in the summer and during other vacations, this program is a regular weekly program.

Type: Active
Age: High school
Optimal size: 6-10
Estimated cost: Free
Planning time: <1 hour
Frequency: Weekly

Learning outcomes

In this program, the teens learn a lot about digital creativity. Some learning outcomes include:

-They can demonstrate video production, planning, and editing skills. The can also demonstrate audio production and editing skills, as they created their own theme song from scratch.

-They are able to use technology to express themselves creatively.

-They are able to conduct video interviews with their peers in a manner that helps their peers to feel comfortable and open.

-They can frame a good, steady shot in video productions.

-They can use video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro to edit videos.

-They can demonstrate careful and efficient equipment setup and tear down and show respect for video equipment.


This program is mostly directed by the participants. However, I usually start the program off by asking them to list the different segments they would like to have in the episode. Is there an episode theme? A brainstorming session usually starts off the program. Week to week, we decide what needs to be done next, what we need to do to accomplish this goal, and then tasks are divided among the participants, or planned as a group. Throughout the process, we come together and view the episode in all its stages until it's completed and aired on tv. Then we start the whole thing again for the next episode.


I evaluate the program and its successes throughout the program. If it's not working it needs to be modified immediately. For this type of ongoing program, I evaluate the success of the program by the amount of engagement that I notice the teens are having during the program. We always finish an episode, and everyone participates in some way. The outcomes cannot be achieved in a short period of time and must be assessed on an ongoing basis and regularly. The only way this program would not achieve it's projected learning outcomes is if episodes were not produced, but we always produce episodes, no matter how slowly. This program is best assessed by quantifying the amount of and acceleration of engagement and participation by the teens.

Other resources

We use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop on a regular basis during this program. Lynda.com is a great resource, which our library provides patrons free of charge. We use Lynda.com to help with some problems we may have in the production phases of the program.

B-Town Teens Episode 1: https://youtu.be/vAOD81k0Sfg

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