Ideas from ALA Midwinter

Annie Miller January 29, 2017

After the workshop, I stayed on for the conference, running into Amy Straube at a few sessions. (Amy I hope you got home alright. I landed in a sleet storm and white knuckled it home at 35 mph.) A couple of the sessions seemed like possibilities for this work:

TEDx and TED ed - Students create TED talks and run a TED event. I think this could tie in really nicely with thesummer reading theme "Build a Better World" The presenter does a very elaborate program - It is a full day, filmed and there are a number of ancillary events - but it could be very simple - just talks by middle grade kids on this theme at the library one evening. We already have someone, a parent volunteer I think, doing a public speaking class after school. Our school's FFA chapter is heavily into public speaking. Perhaps potential partners? 

Money Smart Week - I think financial literacy is a really important career and college skill. Banks are required to do community service and I had just started talking with the one next door about working with our HS business teacher to create some programming before we met in Atlanta. Money Smart Week and its resources might be a great way to start the conversation.

I also came across a great quote in The Narrow Road to the Deep North  on the plane home "My only idea ever is to advance forward and charge the windmill. It is only our faith in illusions that makes life possible." Everything is an illusion until we make it really happen.

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