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Stacy Tiller October 14, 2016, 3 comments

We are hosting an escape room program for teens.  All the answers to the clues can be found in popular YA books.  We have the map from the Hobbit, the dragon from Harry Potter, 5th Wave, Hunger Games and some old favorites too.   On a table in the room are small cupcakes with a sign "Eat Me" and a 2 liter labeled "Drink Me".  If someone eats or drinks from either they are penalized.  The "Drink Me" makes you small and you have to walk on your knees and keep your elbows at your sides.  The "Eat Me" makes you tall and you have to use long handled reachers to continue the program.  We won't tell participants why they are being penalized, they may figure it out or cure the problem by eating or drinking the opposite. 

We are expecting 7 groups of 4 to 6 participants over a two day span. 

Type: Active
Age: High school
Optimal size: 20+
Estimated cost: $1 - $25
Planning time: <2 hours
Frequency: One-time

Learning outcomes

The teen's are drawing on their past experiences and books that they have read.  Map reading skills, knowledge of  geometry and science are necessary to get out.  They also need to know how to work as a team and draw on each others  strengths.  The questions can include any skills that you want to focus on. 


Our room is set so that each clue leads you to a book and each book leads you to another clue.  The end results is a cipher to solve to get out of the room.  On the table with the Alice in Wonderland treats there is also a bowl of Swedish Fish with pictures of red hearings spread about.  This table has strange puzzles and experiments for them to solve, sadly the answers will not get them any closer to exiting.


We are advertising the program for middle school and high school teens but had adults wanting to participate also.

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